Reagent Kits

  • QC Cal Kit Lite (Ask for Data Sheet with complete specifications and Price List) Accuracy & Precision Verification plus Calibration recommendations for testing 1 to 384-tip liquid transfer to a microplate (96 or 384-well); water liquid class. QC Cal Kit Lite uses similar (and improved) methods, as those found in ISO IWA 15 “Specification and method for the determination of performance of automated liquid handling systems.”
  • Custom End-User Kits and Supplies Once you’ve experimented with with Automation Trainer’s QC Cal Kit Lite, build your own end-user test package, for the way you’d like to test your liquid handler and save money via a la carte bulk reagents, accessories and quantity discounts. (Inquire about DMSO & other liquid classes.)
Automation Trainer reagents are manufactured within an ISO Certified, FDA inspected medical reagent manufacturing facility.
FDA approved ingredient, single-dye reagents are safe, easy to use and available in pillow packs with a (1) one year shelf life. Original Reagent Kits, can be resupplied with a la carte pillow packs as required. Custom enduser kits and supplies are available to build your ownend-user test package, for the way you’d like to test your liquid handler. Quantity discounts available.
Beyond the reagents, methods and software supplied by Automation Trainer, all other support supplies have been sourced from reputable manufacturers with an eye on controlling our costs and yours. The result is a turn-key solution, using proven methods, that is convenient to use and cost-effective.
90-day, satisfaction guarantee.