Tools and Services for the Simplification and Practical Application of Measurement Standards in Automated Liquid Handling and Pipetting Systems


  • On-site
  • In conjunction with major technical meetings
  • Virtual, remote, and video-based


  • On-site volume verification, calibration, validation, IQ/OQ, protocol and SOP implementation, and preventative maintenance by Automation Trainer’s Field Service Engineers
  • Robot Method Programming and Development, Data Science, Data Management, Data Engineering, AI & Machine Learning, Statistics
  • Consulting


QC Cal Kit Lite

(Ask for Data Sheet with complete specifications and Price List)

Accuracy & Precision Verification plus Calibration recommendations for testing 1 to 384-tip liquid transfer to a microplate (96 or 384-well); water liquid class. QC Cal Kit Lite uses similar (and improved) methods, as those found in ISO IWA 15.

“Specification and method for the determination of performance of automated liquid handling systems.”

Custom End-User Kits and Supplies

Once you’ve experimented with with Automation Trainer’s QC Cal Kit Lite, build your own end-user test package, for the way you’d like to test your liquid handler and save money via a la carte bulk reagents, accessories and quantity discounts. (Inquire about DMSO & other liquid classes.)

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