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Hands-on Laboratory Automation Training

Laboratory Automation is essential for handling increasing throughput from bio-specimen collections, high-throughput screening, clinical assays and bio and food safety testing

Our courses are designed to provide the students with knowledge and experience that will aid them in their decisions as to which automated liquid handler meets their needs and requirements, and how to optimize their operation

Proper training and knowledge in the use of liquid handling equipment is necessary for meeting these needs and This requires skill, technique, and hands-on experience with laboratory liquid handling equipment

If conducting research studies, clinical trials, drug discovery, food safety, forensic analyses, or developing a product, the understanding of the physical concepts, the operation, and the processing of samples with laboratory automated liquid handlers is essential

At Automation Trainer, our courses provide hands-on experience with automated liquid handlers to enable students to become familiar with the terminology, capabilities and common uses

It is critical for maintaining compliance, following or developing standard operating procedures or protocols, producing quality results, maintain quality control, optimizing processing, and following industry standards

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Tentative List of Lab Automation Machines*

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RegenHu Cell/Organ Dispenser

EDC ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispenser

TTPLabTech Mosquito HTS Positive Displacement

Tecan HP D300 Titer Ink Jet Digital Dispenser


BioTek Washers/Dispensers/Pipetting Systems/Readers

Tecan Freedom EVO®/Readers

Beckman Biomek® FX

Beckman Multimek®

Caliper Sciclone ALH 3000

Dynamic Devices Flow Detection Dispenser

Velocity11 VPrep

PerkinElmer JANUS®

Hamilton Nimbus NVS

Eppendorf epMotion®

Artel MVS®

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