Manual and Automated Pipette Checker

For Automated Liquid Handling & Pipetting System

• Gravimetric Pipette Checker
• Single channel performance test


Automation Trainer Test Kits are the direct response to feedback gained from lab technicians and lab managers that have experienced challenges in verifying pipettes cost effectively prior to use mandated by publication submissions, reproducibility requirements, and standard operating procedures.

GLH (Good Liquid Handling) Single Channel Pipette Performance Checker Test Kit verifies if you need to send out
your pipette for calibration and contains small scale and gravimetric vial test.

“I am glad to have a small & inexpensive scale to check my pipette and save time and money on calibrating my pipettes. Automation Trainer gave me a simple cost effective scale to test my pipettes before sending them out for calibration”
–Top Pharmaceutical Lab Manager

Easy, Fast, Reliable Test

Small foot print scale*

Easy PM & Reliable Parts

Parts Manufactured to fit PM Requirements*

Fits on robot or on benchtop
Tests pipettes from 50uLs to 500mLs
Step by Step instructions

1 minute test

* Other user supplied components required