Mosquito Crystal®
mosquito LCP®
mosquito HTS®

automates all popular protein crystallization techniques

  • hanging drop, sitting drop
  • vapour diffusion set-ups
  • additive screening
  • microseeding

a fully automated solution to lipidic cubic phase (LCP) screening

  • accurate dispensing of nanolitre quantities of viscous lipids
  • includes all the functionality of mosquito Crystal

miniaturizes screening applications

  • assay-ready plate preparation
  • reformatting
  • serial dilutions

mosquito X1®
mosquito HV®

provides walk-away "hit picking" of nanolitre quantities from any individual well or location:

  • hit confirmation and secondary profiling
  • easily integrated
  • attractive throughput

bridges the gap between nanolitre and microlitre pipetting.

  • accurately handle intermediate volumes
  • serial dilutions
  • assay plate preparation
  • volume range of 500nL to 5┬ÁL

we offer mosquito's unique disposable micropipettes made of inert materials which have no effect
on most reagents and are strong enough to pierce most plate sealing films.




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Liquid Handling & Robotics

TTP Labtech's mosquito® liquid handling portfolio provides you with precise and repeatable
nanolitre pipetting, every time, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

Are you looking to precisely pipette low volumes to miniaturise assays? Are you having difficulty
accurately dispensing viscous liquids? Is contamination a problem?

TTP Labtech's mosquito liquid handling portfolio offers you:

  • amazing performance from 1200nL right down to 25nL
  • guaranteed zero cross-contamination
  • accurate sample placement for perfect drop dispensing every time
  • cost saving from optimised sample use and reduced waste
  • proven suitability for multiple-user environments - just walk up and use it.