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Laboratory Automation is essential for handling increasing throughput from bio-specimen collections, high-throughput screening, clinical assays and bio and food safety testing. Proper training and knowledge in the use of liquid handling equipment is necessary for meeting these needs. This requires skill, technique, and hands-on experience with laboratory liquid handling equipment. If conducting research studies, clinical trials, drug discovery, food safety, forensic analyses, or developing a product, the understanding of the physical concepts, the operation, and the processing of samples with laboratory automated liquid handlers is critical for maintaining compliances, following or developing standard operating procedures or protocols, producing quality results, maintain quality control, optimizing processing, and following industry standards and best practices that may satisfy Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Safety, and/or regulatory requirements.

At Automation Trainer, our courses provide hands-on experience with automated liquid handlers to enable students to become familiar with the terminology, capabilities and common uses. Our courses are designed to provide the students with knowledge and experience that will aid them in their decisions as to which automated liquid handler meets their needs and requirements, and how to optimize their operation.


PITTCON 2018 Short Course Good Liquid Handling and Pipetting , Automated Sample Preparation and Detection. REGISTER NOW!


PITTCON 2018 Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems with IBM Maximo Hands-On Workshop

PITTCON 2018 Conferee Networking Sessions ISO and NIST Requirements for Volume Verification, Validation, and Calibration of Automated Liquid Handling and Pipetting Systems

PITTCON 2018 Presentation Quality Control and Calibration Approaches for Determining Reproducible Results

PITTCON 2018 Presentation Real-Time Monitoring of in Process Laboratory Experimentation and Review of Laboratory Asset and Facility Management Systems PITTCON 2018 Poster Study Conducted of Essential ISO Standards for Liquid Handling and Pipetting
Application and Calibration Based Automated Liquid Handling Bootcamp, Harvard University Medical School Validation of Automated Liquid Handling in Accredited Environments, Stanford University Genome Facility

Euro Good Liquid Handling University of Berlin Workshop , Germany

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"This was a very useful course for my new position"

"We just purchased a new Liquid Handler and this course saves us time in implementing our SOP."


Course Descriptions:

Bio-banking Workshop

This course is designed to provide hands-on liquid handling automation training with an emphasis on the techniques and technologies needed for bio-banking. Ideal for beginners to management and compliance personnel who need to become familiarized with automated liquid handling, either for day-to-day use or for planning purposes.

Practical Liquid Handling Workshop

A basic practical primer into the use of automated liquid handlers and their optimization. Features hands-on liquid handling training. Ideal for anyone who needs to learn about liquid handlers and their uses.

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